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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Seti Power Tickler Waterproof Silicone Vibrator

Well here we are again..yet another awesome sextoy tester to try out again for Sextoys Uk!!
This toy I have to say is a little weird to look at when you first see it, it has a strange little rubber nodgule right in the center of it that really does have your mind racing and wondering just what its going to be like on those very intimate of places!! So I eventually got round to giving this baby a go over the weekend...a proper go I mean (sorry review has taken me a little longer than it usually does) we go..hope you like my review so go and buy one hehe!!

This toy comes from a range of Seti products..all different colours and toy The Tickler comes in a very bright blue colour which is rather nice i have to say lol..its around 7.5" which is not too bad a size i have too say, not too small yet not too big!! 

The Tickler is Waterproof which means you can also use it in the shower/bath for some wet play fun..It is also made of Silicone which makes it feel really smooth to the touch which i really liked.

At the top of the toy, there is a round oval disc shape with a pretty pointy (but smooth tipped) nodgule right in the center which can give you extra 
stimulation to your erogenous zones.

The Tickler comes with 2 AAA batteries which is great, so you dont have to make sure you have those kinds of batteries to hand..

It has a wide range of settings which I like, and I have to say they can be very strong at times too..I like a toy that has a bit of high powered vibrations behind it and this baby here certainly does!!

We have 5 settings altogether, 2 Vibration settings..and 3 awesome pulsating settings..I have to say i really do enjoy the pulsating settings, especially the last one with the fast buzzing pulses hehe!!

Batteries are easy to insert, just twist off the bottom of the toy and slide them in..then re-twist the bottom back has a little button at the bottom of the toy, you just press that each time you want to change the speed or the pulse
and to turn it off you just hold the little button in for a few seconds..simple as that!!!

I wanted to use this toy with some lube, i loved the feeling of the smooth silicone without the lube but knew it would feel even smoother and just glide over me as i was using with my trusty SLIDE lube ( i really like this lube)
I got myself nice and slippery and turned my toy on!!

Now I have to say..this toy to me looks more like a clitoral that's what i used it however can use it internally as well, but I had other plans for that LOL

Turning the toy onto the first setting and just teasing myself felt can feel the little rubber tip buzzing away against your feels really good and well TICKLY as you would hope by the name lol..pushing it a little
harder against my clit I put the next vibration on, it felt deeper and just as powerful...i really love how the oval disc
completely covers your clit whilst the little probing tip gets to work hard on your clit.

I decided since I was using a vibrating toy, I would give my glass dildo a play with you guys know im all for vibrations and using the glass dildo alone isnt really for me, so i thought it would be great to play with it whilst
using the tickler..and yipp what a great idea that was..(you can see my review for the glass dildo in the review section too)

The glass was nice and cold and slipped in very easily I have to say, the clitoral play had got me very very turned on..
 I pushed the button on the tickler again and started to get the pulsating settings..1st one was long buzzing pulses..very powerful and each buzz had me so turned on, i was pushing the head harder against my clit, rubbing it back and forth, feeling the whole of the disc rubbing hard against me, pushing the button again the 2nd pulse was a faster quicker buzz, god it felt really good, I was using the glass dildo inside me at the same time as the pulses were going..pushing the toy deep with ever buzz, this felt absolutely amazing.

I carried on for a while longer..teasing myself, almost bringing myself
to the brink of orgasm..but then stopping myself from cumming..i love to do always know that once you do decide to let yourself cum that its going to be one very very strong orgasm indeed!!

I knew i wasnt going to be able to hold back much longer though, as i was hardly starting to play again and i could feel the sensations building up inside me again..

So I pressed the button again for the 3rd and most powerful pulse setting, it was very high speed constant pulses, very strong and just non stop, again pushing the glass dildo deep inside me now as fast as i could intime to the pulses of The Tickler..and before I knew it WOW!!! what an feel like it was going on forever, i could feel the waves rushing right through my entire body..
My heart was pounding like mad afterwards and i have to say I was really wet..this toy is a definite buy if your into strong clitoral stimulation..

I would say when i first noticed this toy was selling at £39.95 I thought to myself this was a little steep, and I hoped that it wasn't going to be a let down..but really when you think your getting this toy with the 2AAA batteries included and it also comes with a little clear plastic stand for it to sit in as really is a bargain, the size is perfect, the feeling of
the smooth silicone is just devine..and well the awesome settings are just great fun to play through one after the other.

I think if your a girl like me who loves clitoral play and just loves strong vibrations and pulses well this little baby is for you, I am so glad I was given this toy to test out, as I will be honest, I dont think I would have chosen The Tickler..but i do think you should give this baby a most certainly arent going to be disappointed. And if you use it along with another one of your favourite toys..your gonna be on cloud 9 just like i was hehee.
Remember though, this toy isnt just a clitoral toy, I just decided that's what I wanted to use it for :)




I am so pleased to say I could not find a problem or a downside with this toy, loved everything about it, was so much fun to play with..a definite toy for all girlies..

Thanks Sextoys again for an awesome toy to review for  you guys xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Seems that Sex are on a roll lately, giving all you girls and boys out there some awesome bargains, especially from the Doc Johnson range..arent you all a bunch of lucky people!! LOL

I have to say, the last excellent deal we had from Sex Toys was also one of the Doc Johnson range, and well I haven't managed to put it down much at all lately (review coming up soon)!!!

I have noticed they do make some great shapes and weird sized toys, and this one again is no exception.. 
THE TWISTED HEARTS VIBE looks so cute, shaped in a lovely heart shape, this little baby looks like its going to fit every single curve and groove of your body and that's exactly what we want!!

The Twisted Hearts Vibe is going to give you twice the pleasure, it has dual bullets inside, so twice the fun, it can be used on yourself, or with a partner, its heart shape makes it so easy to use together with a partner in the bedroom, or even in the shower, both pleasuring each other at the same coooool is that!!! It runs on only        x2 AAA Batteries which you can purchase along with the vibe. 

The Twisted Hearts Vibe is very easy to control, you just twist the little section at the base, and you will feel the vibrations get stronger and more powerful the further you turn be warned!! LOL

Now for the best part...The Twisted Hearts Vibe usually sells at £29.99 but the lovely peeps at      Sex are giving this amazing toy away for just £8 .. so grab this baby while you can, as the weekly offers are selling fast!!!! 

So go for it, treat yourself or a loved one to one of the most cutest looking Vibes, even as a little belated Valentines gift, you will definitely make your partner happy when she sees this!!!

Have fun....


Now this was funny!!

This is just a little quickie for you all to have a laugh at LOL!!

Get an email from a guy asking can I do a roleplay? Here is it..what he wanted me to do!!.....

Im thinking down the lines of us both in the bar having a drink at the hotel im staying in, we are both alone and sitting at opposite sides of the room from each other, Our eyes keep meeting over a crowded room, your sitting wearing a long raincoat (me), but its fallen open slightly and i catch a glimpse of your stockings as I walk towards you. I sit down, and offer to buy you a drink, you accept and we start chatting, the whole time I cant take my eyes off your thigh..your silk stockings glistening in the light of the room, I sit there and feel my cock growing harder in my trousers, all that goes through my mind is I want to take you too my room and fuck your brains out..and before long i pluck up the courage to ask you back to my room for a drink!!

We leave the bar and head upstairs to my the lift I cant resist but to slide my hand down your back over your ass, my cock throbbing as I touch you, I pull you towards me and we kiss passionately on the lips, I pull you so hard against me you feel my hard cock through my trousers, you can feel the effect you have on me...You push me away...Giggle..and tell me not to be too hasty..."good things come to those who wait" you say!! And I just stand there thinking what a fucking tease you are!!

We get out the lift and walk along to my room, your walking a few steps in front of me, I watch you walking in those heels, you look amazing, so fucking sexy..I cant wait to get you into my room..

We get to my room, open the door, we both walk in, and before I know it, the doors closed behind me, you push me hard up against the door..going from being a tease in the lift to now looking like your going to take full control of me, you rip my shirt off my chest bursting the buttons, grabbing my belt on my trousers and just yanking it off..the whole time kissing so passionately again, your lovely red glossy lipstick now all over my lips, I can feel your hand slip inside my boxers, your hand grabbing my cock, wanking me off, god it feels so good, I try to take off your raincoat but you wont let me get down on your knees and start sucking me off, I watch you as your lips slide gracefully down my shaft, your long hair draped over one shoulder, god you look so hot, and I can tell you have had plenty of practice at sucking cock..

After a few minutes you tell me to go over to the bed, I do exactly as I'm told, hoping now your going to remove that raincoat and show me exactly whats underneath it, I lie on the bed and you go into your bag bringing out some handcuffs, oooh your going to restrain me I say, with a grin on my face and a throbbing hard cock, I watch you cuff my hands to the bed, you then lower yourself down ontop of me, grinding yourself over my cock, Does that feel good Mark you ask??? I go to say yes and realise we havent actually exchanged names, not even in the bar, none of us even bothered about asking each others names, how do you know mine I ask?? You laugh and say..Oh!!!  I know lots about your Mark..I know how much of a lying! cheating! 2 timing bastard you are, how you are married with 2 lovely kids, and yet you fuck your wife around left right and center!!!

I start to try and brake loose from the cuffs but its no use, you just sit ontop of me and laugh...Do you really think someone like me...would ever dream of wanting to go back to a hotel room and fuck someone like you Mark?? you say to me...Bet you thought your luck was in tonight? HAHA!!!

Im wondering what the fuck is going on??...Who are you??? How the fuck do you know me I ask?? What do you want??

You slowly start to open the belt on your raincoat, I'm slightly confused, wondering what your doing? I watch as you open the buttons on your coat, and the further down you go, I can see you are wearing some really sexy black lingerie, nothing else, just this sexy black basque, stockings and heels, you throw the coat on the floor, and lean over me, slowly kissing my mouth, soft quick kisses and talking to me in between each kiss, you tell me you have been sent here by my were asked to make sure I two time my wife, that she wanted proof and well you have the proof now, you keep kissing me, running your hands over my body, grinding your pussy down harder on my cock, which is still throbbing like mad even though im confused as too whats going on, and feeling nervous...

You slip your panties to one side and slowly slide my cock inside you, god you feel so tight, you feel amazing round my cock, just how I imagined you would feel, you start to ride me, slowly at first, I watch your tits bouncing up and down as you take me deep inside you, I wish I could touch you, I ask you to uncuff me but you wont, you just keep riding me, harder and faster... I dont think I'm going to be able to hold back much longer, ooh you feel so good, I tell you to fuck me harder and you do, grinding yourself right down onto my cock..I can feel my cock hitting so deep inside you, ooh I know im gonna cum any minute babe, and just as I think Im going to give you every drop of my hot spunk nice and deep inside your pussy, I see you reach behind you, and you pull out a machine gun from the back of your basque (Now dont ask where the fuck I have been hiding this machine gun all night, but remember its just fantasy LOL)

I panic and dont know whats going keep riding my cock and pointing the gun at me, I still feel like I'm about to cum...even though I'm panicking like fuck and dont know if this is a wind up or not...

You tell me this is it... my wife wants me dead..shes had enough of my cheating ways,  and thats why your here, this is what I get for being a cheating bastard...and just as I feel im about to shoot deep inside start shooting at me..(NOW HERE'S THE FUNNY BIT)...

He asks.....
Lisa....could you please do the noise of the machine gun over the phone as your shooting me, that will really turn me on..I want you to sound like a machine gun, not just a bang bang noise like an ordinary gun..but more of a Ddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise like a machine gun...would that be ok???

Holy fuck I think...knew it was too good to be true LOL 

So there you have it, after all that teasing, sucking cock, dressed in sexy lingerie, here's me, now thinking fucking hell, how the fuck am I going to do this without he being serious??...Oh and he was...very serious indeedy!!!

I done the call, right too pulling out the machine gun...and nervously shouting Drrrrrrrrrrrrr Drrrrrrrrrrrr Drrrrrrrrrr down the phone as I shot him...and all i could hear was a massive loud groan as he died and spunked at the same time hehehe..I do wonder at times if my neighbours hear me!! LOL

He loved it, and thanked me, and so much so had me do this call quite a few times, though still always feeling nervous when i had to make the Drrrrrrrrrr Drrrrrrrrrrr noises LOL.

Hope you enjoyed another one of my fun roleplay calls ;-)

Till next time....


Monday, 7 February 2011

Doc Johnson Vivid Girl Power Flex Massager


If your wondering what to treat your partner to for Valentines Day then take a look at this amazing toy, its from Doc Johnson, and well we know that Doc Johnson certainly know how to make some awesome toys, and this ones not going to be an exception!!
The Vivid Girl Power Flex Massager usually retails at £34.99 but the lovely sexy people at Sex Toys Uk are giving you the chance to purchase this baby at a bargain price of only £8...YES you read correctly £8!!!!

As you can see this toy comes in a very sexy red colour, has a nice big round bulbus head on it, which is going to reach some seriously amazing places, it has a very bendy shaft, so it will help you find the most comfortable and mind blowing spot that suits you!!

The VGPFM has 3 very very strong power controls, ranging from strong vibrations to mind blowing vibrations!!! You can see this little baby if you click the name at the top of my page and watch the gorgeous Rach's video telling you everything you need to know.

I have just purchased this toy for myself.... Who wouldn't want a toy like this at such an awesome price..and its only for this week only offer ends this you need to grab this bargain right now!! £34.99 down to £8.. DO AS I SAY BUY IT NOW!!! you know you want too ;-)

Either purchase the VGPFM for your partner or even treat yourself, every girl need to treat herself to something that's certainly going to put a nice big smile on her face hehe!!

Keep your eyes open for my review I will do on the VGPFM once I have received mine in the post, I cant wait to try this baby out.


Thanks for reading my blog...till next time


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Naughty call that I just loved doing!!!


I have had this guy a few times lately, not over the phone but on MSN messenger when we do our roleplay, I think some guys are too shy to actually speak what they are thinking, and find it so much easier to sit there and type it out, they can say exactly what they are thinking without getting embarrassed, however, after our last MSN chat, he asked me would I be happy to chat with him over the phone, he feels he would be extremely turned on hearing my voice as i tell him exactly what I'm doing to him!!!

Now what I haven't told you yet is that this guy...lets call him Mr X...he is into face sitting, also having someone with huge breasts ( like myself ) lol to suffocate him with my tits too lol, he goes from ass to tits depending on how hes feeling and how he wants the story to go LOL

ALSO!!! I haven't told you the best bit lol....I dont just sit on him, or squash my tits over his face, lifting myself off him, teasing him on and off like that all through the chat...the roleplay goes like this.......

I am an Escort (remember this is roleplay) Mr X thinks hes booked me for a 2 hour session of some Tie and Tease at my apartment, after seeing my pictures and how very curvaceous I am, Mr X is ever so excited to meet me, and have me tease him with my huge FF breasts, and amazing round ass...

He knocks at the door, I let him in, dressed in Black silk basque, silk black panties, stockings, suspenders and heels, he cant take his eyes off me, his cock growing hard in his trousers as soon as he sees me.

He sees I have a huge 4 poster bed, all ready and waiting on him, after a little friendly drink and chat, he gets himself undressed and gets on my bed, were he is eager to have me tie his hands and ankles so he is unable to go anywhere, he has to lie there, and take everything I'm going to give him!!

I start off by kneeling between his legs, letting him watch me play with my huge round firm breasts through my basque at first, watching his cock twitch with anticipation, loving how wide his eyes are as he watches my every move!!

I lean over him, teasing his cock between my cleavage, watching this precum rub against my tits as he gets more and more turned on, then he watches me lick his precum off my tits, tasting him!!

I then, go to the side of him, turning myself around so he can see my round ass, he watches as i run my hands over it, spanking it every now and then, making little moaning and groaning sounds as i do it, again, watching his cock twitch like mad.....How much do you want this ass on your face Mr X i say??? Oh i want it, i want it so much Miss Lisa he says, please please sit on my face!!!

I life my leg over his chest and tease him.....placing my ass only inches away from his face, I turn round and watch his eyes widen again, and a huge big smile on his face....I slowly push myself back further, this time just as his nose pushes against my panties I stop, I can hear him smell the crotch of my black silk panties, I look at his cock and i see a nice trail of precum going from his cock to his stomach, his cock bouncing up and down like mad....I tell him he can have a little lick and smell of my panties, I know how much he wants too, and before I finish my sentence I can feel his warm wet tongue push against my panties, probing hard against my pussy, then working his tongue upwards towards my ass, I was enjoying it as much as he was, but I get off even more on teasing guys, so just as I could tell he was loving tasting my damp panties i pulled myself away from his face!!!

Oh again! again! he said, please push your gorgeous ass harder onto my face, let me savour the taste and smell of you Miss Lisa he said...

I just laughed at him....and for a while thats exactly what i would to, lean myself back, pushing my ass and pussy over his face, feeling him licking and sucking on  my panties, teasing his cock too with my tongue and hands as he devoured my pussy and ass through my panties!!!

I lift myself off Mr X's chest and turn myself around, sitting myself now on his tummy, facing him.
Again playing with my tits infront of him, nice and slowly, cupping them in my hands, squeezing them together, then rubbing my thumb and finger over my nipples through the silk of the basque, Mr X watching my every move before slowly lifting my tits out the basque, letting him see how hard and erect my nipples were with me being so turned on...I ask him what does he think hes booked me for today??? He replies, a 2 hour tie and tease session Miss Lisa, and from what i have seen already your definitely giving me what I want!!
I just giggle and tell him that he has it partially correct as to why hes here, but what he doesn't know is, I have him here for another reason too, Mr X looks a little confused but has a naughty little grin on his face, thinking to himself hes in for even more of a treat!!!

Mr X, I know you said to me in your email you like to be made to feel like your suffocating, with me either using my breasts or my ass, am I right?? Oh yes yes your right Miss Lisa, I like the thought of you pushing yourself over my face, covering my nose and mouth, making me panic a little, wondering when you will lift yourself off me and let me breath again...he said!!
Yes that's right Mr X..... What I haven't told you yet though is...your not going to be leaving this room today...oh well thats a will leave this room, but not by walking, you will leave this room in a black body bag..I tell him!!!!
What??? What do you mean asks Mr X looking a little more nervous now!!

You see Mr X, I dont just get off on having you panic a little with me sitting on your face for a while, then when i feel you struggle I will lift myself off of you and let you breath again, I get off even more on knowing that one of the times i sit on your face, that i wont get off it again, until you STOP BREATHING!!!!
Stop breathing??? your joking, this isnt funny now, untie me, I think our sessions over says Mr X, trying to break himself free from the handcuffs, and not doing a very good job of it!!

Come Come Mr X...calm down, im not going to spoil all your fun, of course im going to let you cum!!!
I am going to let you cum Mr X just as you gasp that last breath..and you will die one very very happy man!

As he goes to scream...I lean myself right over his face with my FF breasts, feeling Mr X trying to shake his head from side to side, but there's no chance of him catching any breath what so ever with me leaning heavily over his I feel him really start to panic underneath me, I lift myself off his face, watch him gasp hard for breath his face all red and flustered...Oh please dont do this he says, I will pay you anything you want, I dont want to die!!!
Sorry I say, but this is how it has to be, I know your going to enjoy it Mr X, so why dont you stop trying to fight against it, and enjoy my breasts and ass while you have the chance too!!!

So for the next while on and off I use my ass and breasts on his face, leaning hard against his face, covering his nose and mouth completely, and the whole time, even though he knows hes going to die, his cock still twitches like mad, hes still so fucking turned on having me sit on his face or push my tits right onto him!!!

(Now what you have to remember is, all of this is being said over the phone, so every time I tell Mr X I am leaning myself onto his face, I can hear him holding his breath, and for the whole time im teasing him with either my tits or ass, hes holding his breath hard, imagining im doing it for real, then when i tell him i have lifted myself off his face, I can hear him GASPING hard for breath LOL he was getting right into the roleplay, one minute pleading with me, begging me to stop, then sounding muffled over the phone as i suffocated him again (obviously covering his mouth and nose) then when i tell him i have lifted myself off him, i hear him gasping harder and deeper this time, making each time last longer than the last) HAHA

I have to say, being completely in control, hearing this guy on the other end of the phone begging, pleading with me, even having panic in his voice, gets me so fucking turned on, and i get right into character, I love laughing at him, giggling sarcastically as he pleads with me to stop, knowing all along im going to kill him, knowing how much he doesn't want to die was such a fucking turn on (not that i would kill a man in real life f course.HAHA)

Then after teasing Mr X for so long, I now give him the option, would you like to die with me siting on your face, or with me using my tits to suffocate you I ask him???
Oh well if i really need to chose he says...can you please sit on my face, but i beg you once more, please dont kill me!!!

I stand above him and slip off my black panties, then slowly lower myself down onto his face....are you ready to die a happy man Mr X??? I suppose so he says, in a pitiful voice..
Then lets have some fun I say!!!....and slowly lower myself onto his face.....

I feel his nose and mouth against my ass and pussy, at first i feel him using his tongue a little, licking and teasing me, trying to enjoy the last ever pussy and ass hes going to get, I grind myself down harder onto him, I lean myself over him, licking and teasing his soaking wet cock, rubbing his balls, then slowly sliding my full glossy pouting lips all the way down his cock, I hear a very muffled moan as I devour every inch of his cock, i suck deep and hard, feeling his cock hit against the back of my throat, now I can feel Mr X trying to shake his head from side to side underneath me, hes starting to struggle for some air, and this time im not going to lift myself off his face, I'm on him till he gasps his last breath!!!

Hes now starting to shake harder, really trying to break free from the handcuffs, but hes not going anywhere, I keep sucking on his cock, teasing and rubbing his balls, even with him panicking i can still hear muffled moans and groans of him enjoying me deep throating his cock, and him loving my ass and pussy over his face..

Im so turned on at this point, I know im not going to be able to hold back much longer either, im going to cum all over his face, my pussy is soaking wet, his face covered in my he fights hard to try and catch a breath, he feels his balls tighten, he knows hes about to cum, the feelings are so intense that hes getting surging through his body right now, but he knows its not long before he dies, hes going light headed now, feeling dizzy, hes really lacking oxygen at this point, his brains struggling....and within a few seconds, both Mr X and I cum at the same time, spurts of hot spunk shoot down my throat as I suck him dry, my body jerking ontop of him as i cum so hard, so intense..I lick and suck every drop of spunk from his cock, as my body starts to calm down a little, and i try and catch my breath back, I realise Mr X is no longer fighting to break free....he's no longer shaking his head from side to side trying to catch any breath of air that he can, I wait a few seconds more just incase... then remove myself off Mr X, and there he movement from him what so ever...only a cheeky little grin on his face....I told you he would die a happy man didnt I hehehe!!!!

At that point Mr X had came for real over the phone, he done well to refrain from cumming right till the last minute, he absolutely loved our call, said he couldn't believe how intense it was hearing me say it all over the phone,  he said he loved hearing me laugh at him and humiliate him, and loved hearing me cum too ( whether i did it for real or not haha) I loved every minute of the roleplay too lol

He left me lovely feedback on my profile page which always means alot to me after a call, it read....
Amazing, sexiest voice and naughtiest roleplayer on AW

I was well pleased with that, and I know he was too LOL

So there you go, an insight into yet another one of my more naughtier intense calls, I do love doing roleplays.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, and i hope you enjoyed it too, please feel free to leave any comments 

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I Rub My Penguin cute is this little Penguin?                                         

I have to say I am the proud owner of one of these little cuties,  he was bought
for me as a lovely Christmas gift, and he sits very happily and snugly in between
my 3 Rub My Duckies LOL.

Now, I haven't tried him out yet, I'm sure you can guess why?? Yeah you guessed it, I feel like
im violating the poor little thing, just thinking about doing such naughty things with him is making me
feel bad HAHA!!

I do think however that we all should own our own little penguin, either just for the fun of it, or
for sitting in the bathroom as a lovely little bathroom buddy ornament, no one would know any
different, that is unless they own him already LOL, then again if you have a very naughty side
you might just love to have some exciting vibrating buzzing fun with our little friend hehe!!

Now our little friend is going for a cracking bargain price of only £10 on the Sextoys website, so all you
have to do is just click the "I Rub My Penguin" at the top of this blog and you will get taken straight to the Sextoys page
where you can purchase him right away!!! Go know you want too ;-D

Look at that cute little face...those big soppy can anyone not give this poor little penguin
a good home?? HAHA

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First ever phone chat experience!!

Well where do I start?

Just about 10yrs ago, maybe slightly more, I remember all the chatline numbers becoming more available to everyone, starting to see them more in magazines and newspapers, and even on tv.. what they were offering in those days was giving girls a free phone number to call (0800) and chat away to guys on, however the guys had to pay to chat to the girls, obviously the companies new loads of girls would chat away happily for free and the guys being as naughty as they were would happily pay to speak to the girls,  so we would make a little profile about ourselves and the guys could hear what all the girls online sounded like and they would leave you a little message, the message would come through to you and you would reply back to it, this would go on for as long as you wanted, these calls were call Virtual calls,  you werent speaking directly to the guy, it was just passing messages back and forth, THEN if the guy liked your replies he could then ask you to talk 121 with him, which meant no passing messages back and forth but actually holding a proper convo with him. All of this for me was just fun at the time, getting a girl friend round to my house and having a bit of a laugh chatting away with different guys, but after a while i realised i was really enjoying the chatting and harmless flirting that was going on between myself and these guys and how cool it would be if I could do this as a job!!

Well how excited was I when in the back of one of my girlie gossip magazines  I came across an advert looking for woman at home who would like to become chatline hosts and if so to apply for an application I did, and they got back to me straight away with all the info I needed, telling me its was going to be  more of an adult chat that I would be required to do and if you didn't think I could do this kind of thing, then this job just isnt for me ...HAHAHA!! I knew it would be a breeze..yeah of course I had had a few naughty chats with the guys on the free line i used, and also with ex partners as well, having naughty phone fun with them had come in handy too LOL.

Sent all the paperwork etc away, got all my log in details..and was ready to go......sitting with my phone on the floor, kids at mum and dads, and at the time i didnt drink, so no dutch courage for me lol
I logged in and waited on the phone to ring..and within minutes it did LOL my stomach jumped so much..should I answer it? or just leave it and log out?? thats all that was going through my head LOL..but I answered it, trying not to sound absolutely petrified I started off the conversation..didnt get very far at all, hardly got past our names etc and he hung up on me LOL..I logged right back out, confidence just all felt completely different than when I would talk on the free lines..I think because I knew this was an actual job..the company could and would listen in at any point, and they were going to judge me on my performance as a chatline host and there was chance if i wasnt good enough I could lose my job..needless to say I didnt log in again for a few days LOL.

Decided to stop being such a shit bag and a few days later logged myself back in, just kept trying to think to myself "just imagine its a boyfriend your having fun with" within minutes of logging in, the phone rang straight away, I picked it up and in a very soft but sexy voice I answered the call.... "Hey your through to Lisa, who am I talking too???.... waiting nervously to hear what the guy sounded like he said in a very deep voice.."John"... its funny how most of the guys call themselves John when they call LOL..
Hey John..I said, lovely to hear from you, how you feeling tonight? his reply...horny as fuck after hearing your message LOL...Thank god I thought, he liked my message hehe...So..What was it about my message you liked John? did something in particular grab your attention?? John replied..your voice is so sexy Lisa, and hearing you say your wearing white panties is getting me really hard!!....
Oh John..I do like the thought of you sitting there with a nice big hard cock for come on John, tell me how big that cock of yours really is??.... NOW WAIT FOR IT!! HIS REPLY!!!....oh i would say about 13/14 inches he said..HAHA!!!! obviously a man who doesnt measure his cock much, who doesnt really know what 13/14 inches really looks like..and who seems to think I dont know what 13/14 inches looks like either LOL, and that im just going to be so impressed with his massive cock LOL
Trying not to laugh and biting my tongue trying not to say I think your telling me porky pies John..I just let the poor guy think I thought he was hung like a donkey...Oh John thats a really big cock you have there, just the thought of it is getting these little white panties of mine sooooo wet!! LOL.. SO YEAH!!! can guess what was coming next...Are you fingering yourself for me Lisa?? he said....No not yet babe, but i can if you want me too?.... Yeah go for it Lisa, slip those fingers inside those panties and tell me just how wet you really are he said.. this moment in time, and with it being my first proper working phone chat call, Lisa most certainly was not slipping her hand inside any white panties, she was shaking like a leaf, sitting on the living room floor, nervously scribbling and doodling on a piece of paper as she was chatting, but John didnt have a clue bless him, he was picturing me sitting there, legs wide open, and slipping my hand inside my little damp white panties....Oh John, I cant stop thinking about that massive cock of yours, my fingers sliding so deep inside my pussy, you've got me so wet here, mmmmmmmmmm!!! at that I could hear his breathing getting heavier and louder, lots of rustling and moving about..Yipp he wanking..nice one hehehe....Oh John I wish it was your cock sliding inside me right now, feeling you stretching this tight pussy nice and wide for me, come on John fuck me, you know you want to give me every inch of that big thick cock of yours, bend me over and watch that cock sliding in and out of me, fuck me hard John...and before I could say anything else...I heard a......IM CUMMING LISA...IM CUMMING....a few groans....a few grunts......a huge sigh.....then......A LAUGH!! LOL.. he started to giggle after cumming lol wow Lisa he said, you sounded so horny listening to you there, I couldnt hold back any longer..Im definitely calling you back he said, he then went onto ask me for my personal pin number which gets him through to me straight away, he then thanked me for a great chat, and then he hung up...

I logged out as soon as he hung up and burst out laughing, think it was with nerves and with being so chuffed i got through it and he hadnt hung up on me early on LOL... I was so pleased with myself, I had actually made a guy cum AND I got paid for it, I felt so proud of myself, and thought how bloody easy it was.... however, not every call is or was going to be as straight forward as Johns call, and I was to find this out in the coming nights...some guys imaginations go way beyond just fingering and fucking a nice tight pussy, and here was me thinking thats all they wrong was I LOL....

I will never forget  my first caller, and there's definitely no chance of me forgetting the guys I will be telling you about in my next blogs either LOL...and here was me thinking I knew it all LOL.

Hope you enjoyed my blog :) xxxx